Scope Investment

Scope Investment, with its experienced staff, is the world-renowned Dubai-based major developer in the UAE. It puts a lot of effort into its projects in some of the world's finest addresses. They build projects to live and work in some of Dubai's most beautiful and inspiring sites.

Each project is finished with hard work and design, which ensures that the legacy of signature is guaranteed. They are the pioneers of custom design at Green Group, and its projects focus on the combination of detailed, varied design, state-of-the-art technology.

A few buildings in the United Arab Emirates have been developed and constructed by Scope Investment and all increase their reputation in providing quality homes. For building the finest contemporary texture Scope Investment has an expert team. They always offer beautiful wall panels, gardening space, and luxury outdoor spaces.

Stella Maris by Scope Investment at Dubai Marina

Presenting the magnificent tower of Stella Maris by Scope Investment that offers residential waterfront apartments in the heart of the iconi ...