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The Farmhouses by Damac Offers Luxury Homes at Damac Hills 2 Sale

Damac Hills 2, Dubai


Damac Hills 2 is a home to the newly launched The Farmhouses by Damac offering 5 & 6-bedroom luxury homes in the heart of Dubai.

The house of your dreams could be found in a remote area close to all your favorite things. All of this is linked together by aspirations and ambitions rather than by brick and cement. Escape the concrete jungle and find a location where you can once more hear the birds and smell the flowers. Change dull urban vistas for lush natural settings and feel your quality of life soar.

Move to a more environmentally responsible way of life at your new farmhouse, which has plenty of space for you to produce your fruits and veggies. And if you want to get off the regular path, you can even ride your favorite horse around the neighborhood.

The two styles of The Farmhouses by Damac are available to choose from:

The Farmhouses by Damac: The European Style

The Farmhouses by Damac with the European style are great at transporting you to the tranquil fields of the Netherlands or Belgium. The Farmhouses are 3500 square feet in size and come with an additional 6500 square feet for continental amenities including fully-equipped horse stables, a barnyard for farm animals, a sunken fire pit, an exotic flower garden, a relaxation hideaway, and a glamping tent area.

The Farmhouses by Damac: The North American Style

The Farmhouses by Damac with the North American style are frontier-living at their finest. Enjoy expansive porches, living spaces centered on the front door, and spacious bedrooms situated in a connected but separate wing. All of this is contained within a magnificent 6,500 square feet, leaving you with an additional 13,500 square feet to add additional Wild West-inspired amenities like a sunken fire pit, an outdoor VIP cinema, fully-equipped horse stables with a private horse trail, a cutting-edge hydroponic farm and a soothing retreat, a barnyard full of farm animals, an exotic flower garden, a relaxation retreat, and a glamping tent area.

Features & Amenities

You can indulge your interests or discover brand-new ones at The Farmhouses at Damac Hills 2. Organize a BBQ party for your family and friends or go on a yoga retreat and embark on a path of self-discovery. There are countless options. Sports Town provides everything you need for hours of nonstop excitement, including an outdoor gym, a cricket pitch and nets, tennis courts, paddle tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, football fields, and much more.


Welcome to a world where the ordinary expresses itself with a special charm that combines community, activity, wellness, and nature in the place you call home at The Farmhouses at Damac Hills 2. View life in a new way as you embrace the novel, the thrilling, and the adventurous in a neighborhood that offers innumerable experiences, luxurious living in stunning settings, and a feeling of community for everyone.

Water Town at DAMAC Hills 2 boasts a cutting-edge wave simulator that creates an exhilarating experience every time, along with a variety of water attractions like a splash pad, slippery slides, a water park, and more, guaranteeing countless hours of water-friendly fun in the sun.


Due to the advantageous position of The Farmhouses at Damac Hills 2, the city is easily accessible via four major highways and other networks. After traveling down Al Qudra Road for 25 minutes, you will arrive at the entrance to DAMAC Hills 2. With its rich nature, wholesome experiences, and living spaces that meet all of your needs, it is only a short drive from the city's center but feels like a world apart.

  • Carrefour Supermarket
  • Jebel Ali - Lehbab Road
  • Emirates Road
  • Dubai Outlet Mall
  • Hamdan Sports Complex

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Damac Properties is the developer of The Farmhouses.

A. The Farmhouses by Damac offers 5 & 6-bedroom luxury homes in Damac Hills 2.

A. The starting price of The Farmhouses by Damac is AED 6.521M.

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