Take a Look Around The World's Largest Mall, The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall
The Dubai Mall


There is no better place to shop, dine, and relax than The Dubai Mall, located next to the tallest building worldwide, the Burj Khalifa. Over 1200 retail stores, two major department stores, and hundreds of food and beverage outlets make up the mall, which spans over 1 million square metres of space, roughly equivalent to 200 football fields.

The Dubai Mall has various attractions for everyone like:

Outlets For Clothing and Fashion

For those who enjoy high fashion, there are over 70 signature outlets, including Bloomingdale's and Galeries Lafayette, the first in the Middle East. Fashion Avenue is the place to go for haute couture, where you can see the latest collections from world-renowned designers and companies like Versace, Burberry, and others.

Gems and Jewellery

The Gold Souk in the Mall has the finest jewellery, and Level Shoes has the most up-to-date footwear collection. Level Shoe Section is a footwear and accessories concept store. The store, which spans over 96,000 square feet, provides a one-of-a-kind unrivalled shopping experience where luxury and contemporary elegance collide to herald in a new era of retail.

Entertainment and Gaming Zone

The Dubai Mall is the perfect family entertainment destination, featuring attractions such as the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, the Olympic-sized Dubai Ice Rink, the children's entertainment concept KidZania, and a vast indoor cinema complex to keep everyone entertained.

Dubai Underwater Aquarium
Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo


The Largest Aquariums and Under Water Zoo

One of the world's largest aquariums, the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, is a prominent part of the mall. With a capacity of 10 million litres of water, Dubai Aquarium highlights the wonders of the ocean floor and houses one of the world's most diverse collections of marine species.

The Underwater Zoo is located above the aquarium and provides an interactive approach to educating children and visitors on the ecology and sustainability of marine life.

Thousands of aquatic animals, including sharks and rays, may be found in the Dubai Aquarium. Its 270-degree acrylic walkthrough tunnel allows viewers remarkable up-close encounters with some of the world's most fascinating underwater species. Because of a unique lunar-cyclic lighting system, the tank's atmosphere changes according to the time of day.

The Place For a Perfect Click

Don't miss the indoor fountain, which is one of the most popular photography spots in the mall, and The Village, a popular shopping and leisure destination that offers a relaxed and informal shopping experience with a retail mix that focuses on contemporary denim brands for active lifestyles.

The Souk

A Diplodocus longus dinosaur skeleton is now on display at The Souk, a one-of-a-kind new Late Jurassic Period enormous exhibit. Visitors may get a close-up look at Dubai Dino, a 155 million-year-old dinosaur skeleton that measures 24.4 metres long and 7.6 metres high.

Dubai Dinosaur
Diplodocus Longus Dinosaur Skeleton


The Mouthwatering Food and Amusement

The Dubai Mall has ample food & beverage offerings to offer within the mall region. It has over 200 outlets, from fine dining to casual.

The Dubai Mall also houses the Olympic-sized Dubai Ice Rink, which can hold international competitions. With a seating capacity of 350, Dubai Ice Rink is a family-friendly attraction open to the general public, with regular learn to skate programmes. The rink also acts as a multi-purpose venue that may be changed into a concert arena or used for private gatherings. A massive 20m by 10m LED screen is located at one end of the rink, and a variety of cafés provide a leisurely and peaceful experience for the entire family.

Dubai Ice Rink
Olympic-sized Dubai Ice Rink


Reel Cinemas, located on the second level of The Dubai Mall, spans 150,000 square feet and has 22 screens that can accommodate 2,800 people.

The walkway is flanked by themed cafés and restaurants, each offering an alfresco dining experience with views of the Dubai Fountain and the Burj Khalifa.

The Dubai Mall Interior
The Dubai Mall Interior


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this virtual tour of The Dubai Mall has tempted you enough to consider making a trip here once in your lifetime. A day at The Dubai Mall is guaranteed to be jam-packed with entertainment. You will have endless amounts of fun, entertainment, and adventure here, and you will go home with an extra suitcase full of memories.


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