Spacebit Founder says, Moon will be Focus of Space-Expo 2020 Dubai


The maximum opportunities for industrial area exploration over the coming many years can be focused on Moon, Ukraine’s Pavlo Tanasyuk, founder and CEO of UK-based Spacebit, has said.

Tanasyuk stated that there might be other opportunities going beyond the Moon, including Mars, and perhaps Europa [one of Jupiter’s moons] and a few asteroids.

He further added that in terms of the industrial exploration in the short term – and for the area, they’re speakme 20-30 years – that would be the Moon because that was the most viable, that was full of sources, and they might construct a base there. So, he may bet at the Moon. And then, obviously, they’ll cross past if there was a business significance as nicely.

Tanasyuk’s feedback got there in the course of Ukraine’s National Day at Expo 2020, on October 4.

Developing space robotics generation for lunar and planetary exploration, Spacebit – founded via Tanasyuk in 2014 – has two upcoming missions in 2022.

One is a British/Ukrainian challenge with a fixed payload, weighing roughly 1.5kg, which includes a Ukrainium-made titanium pole and the countrywide flag, alongside diverse Ukrainian innovations for taking pictures, and measuring radiation and ambient lunar floor temperatures.

The other mission – British, with diverse Ukrainian components – is a lesson in robotics, its goal to supply the world’s smallest 4-legged lunar rover, named Asagumo, to the floor of the moon.

Tanasyuk added that both payloads were distinctly complicated to broaden. The rover payload took the longest, and that was then more than 3 years in development. Obviously, they had some issues with the delivery chain at some point in the pandemic. That was very complex; the primary taking walked rover – not anything like that had existed before.

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