‘Pura Vida’ Way of Life at the Cosa Rica Pavilion-Expo 2020 Dubai


It's an expression of Francisco J. Chacón Hernández, Ambassador of the Republic of Costa Rica to the United Arab Emirates will regularly rehash our discussion about the Latin American country's cooperation in the forthcoming Expo 2020. 'Pura Vida', which means straightforward life, has a more prominent undertone than simply living just. The Ambassador said one must be positive and have a decent disposition to life to defeat the challenges of life – that is the thing that Pura Vida addresses.


It's especially notable considering the choppiness made by COVID-19. "Everybody has lost a person or thing," says Hernández. In any case, he added that the main thing we couldn't do then was to quit moving.


It's a method of being that has helped Hernández's nation explore the uneven waters of recuperation that come after a pandemic. Pragmatically, above all else, they considered what they could bring to the UAE and what they proved unable. William Reuben, Commissioner General of the Republic of Costa Rica clarified that during 2020, the group, situated in the UAE and Costa Rica, required a couple of months' delay to join the nation's attention on handling the most rapid pandemic difficulties. By August last year, they had recapped their work jobs and once again had lighted their responsibility with Expo. They had planned changes in accordance with the tremendous difficulties that the pandemic had presented on their economy and public accounts. They had refreshed their subject assertion to mirror the new conditions and, simultaneously, openings made by the COVID-19. 


The new subject of the 400-square-meter structure became Natural Intelligence'. It's something the nation is incredible, acceptable at. Costa Rica, which is home to 6.5 percent of the world's biodiversity, utilizes sustainable assets to produce more than 98% of its electrical energy. Key to the 51,060-square-kilometer country's maintainable conduct is the insurance it offers its timberlands. Reuben said that Costa Rica gave security of woods and woodland in 54% of its domain. Its manageable energy model empowered the nation to have more than 98% of sustainable power creation in 2020, with an electric blend that utilizes water, wind, geothermal, and biomass assets.


It is additionally planning to turn into a carbon impartial economy by 2050. Reuben clarified that one of the mainstays of its carbon-unbiased technique was the transformation of the vehicle framework into a power-based one, supported by an environmentally friendly power. 


He added that the portability methodology predicted two principle reformist stages: First, changing the light-obligation vehicles armada to zero-emanations, and second, advancing a cargo transport framework that embraced modalities, innovations, and energy sources to accomplish zero or the least discharges conceivable. 


Not exclusively does the Central American nation shrewdly go through its assets to control, it does as such in a wallet-friendly style - and it's carrying this imaginative tech to Dubai. Reuben clarified that one of the extraordinary accomplishments that they might want to feature was the smart advancements that their nation had advanced to make natural arrangements monetarily economical. For instance, through the plan and execution of the installment-for-natural administrations model, Costa Rica had the option to stop reforestation in 20 years; and through the advancement of eco-tourism, the nation has had the option to change preservation regions into organizations openings.


Hernández affirms that the structure would zero in on green manageability. Two, they would zero in on the exchange, the items they were offering to the space. Fundamentally farming, clinical gadgets – the innovative business. They were likewise going to [talk about] learning Spanish [when exploring] our natural life. That was remarkable – to get familiar with the language inside the living space. They did likewise clinical the travel industry, [that is] mending with Nature. 


He said that they had with Emirates a code-share flight through New York, Houston that they would be exhibited. 


Situated in Mobility District 


The Costa Rican structure, planned by country brand Essential Costa Rica, is situated in the Mobility District and offers guests a six-section story of the country. Reuben said that guests would have a vivid encounter, all through six sections, utilizing visuals, sounds, books, and scents of Costa Rica. That would bring them into an excursion brimming with pictures, showing achievements in Costa Rica's improvement as a country that annulled the military in 1948, contributes more than 7% of its GDP in instruction, remained as a worldwide good example in manageable turn of events and tried to merge its high-level innovative area. 


The six sections have been given the accompanying titles: 

  • Welcome to Costa Rica: The Land of Pura Vida;
  • The Costa Rican tipping point;
  • The Pura Vida Lifestyle;
  • Well-being essentials;
  • All roads lead to green; and
  • One planet, one call, your turn.

On the ground floor of the one-story building, guests will go into a 200-square-meter space that has an intelligent space for children, figures, and books. In that display region, Reuben clarified that they would exhibit their memorable accomplishments and their objectives for the future, welcoming guests to be important for the test of securing our planet. The Costa Rica Pavilion would feature its financial, natural, and social improvement model that had supported individuals' prosperity while defending their current circumstances.


Hernández added that the nation had practical experience in results of high worth and efficiency. Thus, in plain view, it would be "a showcase of the high-tech, medical equipment, the agriculture, the tourism, the connectivity, the scientific innovation which we do". 


At the point when guests head up to the principal floor, they would discover conference rooms and workplaces for discussions among financial backers and firms and where prepared staff will offer data and direction. Here, guests could likewise meet visitors brought from Costa Rica, clarifies Ambassador Hernández, which would incorporate a Costa Rican space traveler, a pioneer in the field of hydrogen power, and the world-known previous executive of the environment show. 


National Day Celebrities


The pavilion would particularly be kitted out on December 7, which is the point at which it will praise the country's public day. Without parting with the name of the visitor, Hernández says that they would have someone vital then, at that point. 


It's Pura Vida or having a positive bowing of the psyche. Also, it's with regards to trust. Hernández said that he thought over the entirety of that a question of common trust and an issue of fellowship and fraternity. They had got a greeting [to the Expo], they had acknowledged, there was something awful that occurred in the middle. They had not stopped, they had remained with the UAE. They helped in each portion of the interaction. They were with the UAE in the remodeled rendition of the Expo. They would be there… They had additionally offered the UAE all their help in advancing the Expo. 


He added that [First] they put the heart, [then] they put the brain and activity. Not the opposite way around. That was the manner by which Latin Americans are.

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