French Pavilion to Showcase the Coming of Transportation Sector at Expo 2020 Dubai


The world is moving ahead towards innovations. Every day people work on inventions that make the lives of people easier. In every sector, from medical to education to transportation, the world is going to all possible levels in coming out with extraordinary discoveries. Besides this, the world is becoming more cognizant about inventing gadgets that are environmentally friendly. We are vided awaken about the environment. This vigilance makes it harder for the inventors, yet the smart wins.

Erik Linquier, France’s Commissioner-General, stated in one of his interviews with the Khaleej Times that from carbon-free travel options to electric and hyperloop solutions and light mobility bikes, inventions that would pave the way for well-organized and sustainable transportation in the future would be the key feature at the French pavilion. He further added that at a time when mobility was crucial for the development of the economy, Expo 2020 Dubai would showcase inventions that could set the mobility trend for years to come.

Linquier said that a lot of French companies had encountered in designing global mobility facilities both areas of rural as well as urban. They would fetch French innovations and how they could contribute to the growth of the globe. For example, Flying Whales, the French company would showcase its trailblazing airship that could transport up to 60 metric tonnes of cargo at altitudes of about 3,000 meters.

The airship is a sustainable solution to lift cargo from the last unreachable territories as it used helium — a non-flammable gas that is very light — to take off without consuming any fossil energy.

Renault Group, a French multinational automobile manufacturer, would display smart and green vehicles like bikes and cars. An energy transition leader, Engie, would show inventions that could transform energy use. Linquier further said that like every world exposition, Expo 2020 Dubai, too, would have to look forward to solutions for the coming 10 or 20 years.

“I can see that in Dubai, the vision for modern and global mobility services are very much the focus. The RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) is leading that vision...Dubai’s Metro lanes are an example.” The core of development is Mobility, he added, and inventions in every zone of mobility-mass transportation, sea and air transport — are the driving forces for economies.

As the future of mobility has taken a definition, affordability, efficacy, and sustainability would be the priority — be it for small or bigger cities like Dubai or Paris, where millions of people live. “When we look at the best affordable mobility services, what we also mean is the most efficient or seamless service that will get people from point A to point B as quick as possible.”

And as the designs became more seamless, the focus shifted to sustainability and carbon emission-free transportation. On this, the official said that both links were closely connected. More people were keen to leave their cars, which were their foremost source of transportation, and rely more on other forms of transportation that had the minimum impact on the environment.

While offering a gamut of modern mobility solutions, the French pavilion will remember the principles and the contemporary spirit of the French Revolution. The official had to say that that much like how Dubai was associated with global progress currently; the French Revolution had personified advancement in the 18th century where people had been looking for development via smart thoughts. They would like to remember and retell all about those times.

He said that the concern of the French pavilion — ‘Lumière, Lumières’ (Light, Enlightenment) — is an embodiment of that aim of an improved world and transmits the universal and humanistic standards of France. They were located in the mobility district. What could be a restored expression of mobility than light, which was the fastest thing in the world. They wanted to create that link and then go beyond.

The France Pavilion is looking forward to again plan, create emotions and links, and uncheck recent ideas to rediscover the world. Jessica Préalpato, the ambassador of the World’s Best Pastry Chef in 2018 named it by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards, and Thomas Pesquet, French ESA astronaut, represent those principles.

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