Women Smashing Stereotypes at the Expo 2020 Dubai


Expo 2020 Dubai will crush stereotypes of Arab women as the primary reason for being held in the Arab world is driven by a woman, women leaders of the world have said.

They said the Expo 2020 would not have been what it is – comprehensive, women-centric, and all-inclusive - in case it was not driven by Reem Al Hashimy, the UAE minister of state for international affairs. 

Senior Vice President, Political Affairs at Expo 2020, Maha Al Gergawi said that the top positions of authority played by women at the Expo will crush stereotypes of Arab women. 

Gergawi said that she could represent herself and for a ton of Arab women...there was a gigantic confusion about women from this locale, on their abilities, their capacities, on their privileges that were conceded to them, and what they could accomplish. Thus, She thought having women in administrative roles truly made a difference. That was a chance to clear those confusions. 

Al Hashimy, the Managing Director of Expo 2020, is the stalwart who is driving the charge in getting sorted out the super occasion named the greatest show on earth between October 1 and March 31. 

Talking at an online course named ‘Women Behind Expo' held by the UAE international safe haven in the US on Thursday regarding the Emirati Women's Day, Al Gergawi said more than 50% of the labor force at Expo involved women, 60% of whom are Emirati women in administrative roles. 

As UAE commends its brilliant celebration this year, she said the initiative of the nation has clarified that women are at the establishment of its prosperity and enabling women are particularly paired in the following year 50 years of the United Arab Emirates.

Rear Alowais, Vice President, Participant Management at Expo 2020, said the way that Expo 2020 is driven by a woman says a lot about what Arab women are able to do and the UAE's obligation to women. 

Talking about the significance of having a women’s pavilion at the Expo 2020, Alowais said that since the UAE's initiation, the principal architect, the late Sheik Zayed, accepted that women are equivalent accomplices in the country. 

"You cannot imagine having this Expo without paying tribute to women who have played a significant role in nation-building."

She said the plan of women’s equality is especially at the focal point of advancement issues and no nation has accomplished or arrived at the objective of resolving the issue of disparity totally. 

She added that the worldwide foundation of Expo is able to get nations, thought pioneers, NGOs, private and public substances - to make a space to meet up and ponder how to propel this plan further. 

As a team with Cartier, the women’s structure will have more than 1500 occasions lined up to feature the commitments made by women and push the plan of women strengthening. 

For example, there will be a tremendous presentation named 'New perspectives – when women thrive, humanity thrives.' There will likewise be a women’s majlis where conversations will be facilitated in regards to the job of women in Arabia, Islam, maintainability, and sports, among others. 

Al Owais said a major gathering would likewise be held alongside Australia and different nations on building a comprehensive space for sports and tending to generalizations. 

Nadia Ziyadeh, Deputy Director, Expo Unit – US Consulate General, said the US structure would likewise have a line of occasions and projects around women strengthening, further exhibiting how the US is focused on the issue of correspondence and women empowerment.


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