Animal Lovers Assemble! The Dubai Pet Festival Is Here


For the Love of Animals! The Dubai Pet Festival 2022 is here again with new creative ideas to make this fest better than before. The pet festival of furry fun includes everything from championship cat and dog competitions to a kid's play area and a petting farm.

Everyone is welcome to attend this paw-some festival with their adorable little pets, and even if you don't have one, the celebration is open to everyone. There will be a combination of educational and entertaining activities to help raise awareness about animal welfare and to educate visitors about all aspects of pets.

About the Dubai Pet Festival

The Dubai Pet Festival was an event celebrated in the Middle East that took place on 27 February 2022 at Desira Islands, Soul Al Marfa, Waterfront, from 2 pm-10 pm. A festival is a heavenly event for all animal lovers. All types of animals will be there, be prepared to see many tails wagging and laughter.

As we mentioned before, the main purpose of the Dubai Pet festival 2022 is to promote responsible pet ownership and to educate people about animal welfare. Fancy dress competitions, pet grooming tutorials, pet product exhibitions, a police K9 dog squad show and dog training demos are among the entertaining activities. There will also be considered food stalls at the venue.

There were many engaging activities like Dog training demonstrations, a police K9 dog squad display, dog grooming demos, fancy dress competitions, and pet product exhibitors. There were animal welfare organisations on hand with puppies looking for a forever home. There were plenty of dogs looking for a forever home for those looking for a permanent furry family member.

The visitors and pet owners have to register themself and their pets at the entrance with a mandatory veterinary check and character examination. 

Process Of Registration in Dubai Pet Festival

Let’s have a quick check on the process to follow for entering the festival.

  • Check out the official website of the Dubai Pet Festival.
  • The event can be viewed by clicking the “Click Here To Visit The Event” tab.
  • Fill out the registration form with your name, phone number, email address and location.
  • Pet owners also need to include details such as pet’s name, breed, type, etc.
  • After you click register, you will receive an email containing your entry pass.
  • Registration confirmations must be shown at the entrance.
  • To enter, every pet visitor must pass a temperament test and a veterinarian examination.

If your pet behaves nicely, it may even be awarded a badge! To register for the event, your pet must have a valid pet passport and be vaccinated in accordance with UAE law. You will be required to provide both of these documents at the time of entry.

The Dubai Pet Festival, held at the gorgeous waterfront location of Souk Al Marfa, combines educational and entertaining events that promote awareness about animal welfare and educate visitors on all aspects of pets. Families and friends may also enjoy a selection of food vendors throughout the area, with a variety of dining options accessible all day.


"The COVID Protocols were strictly followed. Visitors, participants, and everyone wore masks at all times to maintain social distance. All pets entering the venue must be vaccinated, and proof of vaccination must be shown at the door. Dogs should always be leashed. Extendable leashes are not permitted."

Final Thoughts

The Pet Festival is a fantastic celebration of human-animal relationships, as well as an inspiration for people to love animals a little more. In a variety of circumstances, the human-animal bond can be witnessed. Working animals, in particular, are well-known for their interactions with their human handlers. Emotional support, therapy, and service animals provide comfort, security, and assistance with daily duties to their owners.


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