Brazil Pavilion Notices 200,000 Visitors at the Expo 2020 Dubai


Since the opening of the mega-event Expo 2020 Dubai, Brazil pavilion has clocked 200,000 visitors in less than one month.

The pavilion of Brazil focused on the Amazon Rainforest and covered around half of its area. It has a shallow water blade that occupies a lot of space in the pavilion.


The 200,000th visitor to the pavilion was a four-member family from London, United Kingdom. The family joined the pavilion director and staff members in their festivities. The mother from the family said that they had been pleasantly surprised and delighted to be a part of that occasion. They had been particularly pleased to receive a goodie bag from the pavilion, which had some useful items.


According to the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency, the nodal agency managing the country's participation at the Expo 2020 Dubai, the Latin American country's presentation of an immersive experience of biodiversity and business potential at its pavilion spread over 4,000sqm in the Sustainability District has attracted a large number of visitors.


Pavilion Director for Brazil at Expo 2020 Dubai, Raphael Nascimento said that it had been a hectic time for them with a mix of business and leisure visitors attracted to what they had laid out at the pavilion. From what they could gauge from visitor responses, the experience they had at their pavilion had been unique and stunning.


The Brazil pavilion, which cost $20 million to build, combines aesthetics and design to provide a rich experience. The pavilion's interiors feature 140 enormous projectors that broadcast visual images of Brazilian woods, rivers, cities, gastronomy, and culture onto translucent membranes.


Biodiversity is one of the primary issues, which the country has underlined to express the country's conservation efforts and commitment to environmental and climate change mitigation.


On the business front, Brazil offers potential investment and trade opportunities in important industries such as food, travel, and tourism. Nascimento added that they had healthy inquiries from the business community in the region for partnerships and those early leads indicated fruitful participation ahead.

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