Bangladesh Pavilion to Showcase ‘Strength of Nation’ at the Expo 2020


The Bangladesh Pavilion at Expo 2020 would extend the image of a solid and a tough nation set on turning into an upper-middle-income country by 2031 and a high-income country by 2041, a high-ranking representative said. 

In an exclusive interview with Khaleej Times at the Bangladesh Pavilion at the Expo 2020, foreign secretary, Masud bin Momen said that they had progressed significantly since their freedom in 1971. Through this Expo, they would interest the world to connect more with Bangladesh through the exchange, investment, and key relationships. They would be there to project their delicate power and furthermore grandstand the hardcore economic advancement they had accomplished. Over the most recent fifty years, they have reproduced and restored their war-torn economy and accomplished financial advancement at an amazing scale under the visionary authority of their Prime Minister Sheik Hasina. They were at that point not the place that was known for issues, floods, cyclones, and so forth as many actually see them to be. At Expo 2020 they would grandstand Bangladesh as a seriously encouraging and forward-looking country.

Bangladesh's economy had been reliably developing at more than six percent since 2011. In any event, during the main year of the pandemic when economies of most nations shrank, Bangladesh's GDP expanded at a great 3.8 percent. The nation is presently being moved from LDC (least developed country) classification to an agricultural country classification by the UN. 

Bangladesh is ready to turn into a link between south Asia and southeast Asia. Momen further added that they would likewise feature a portion of their uber projects at the display. Large numbers of those ventures were planned towards expanding availability in the district. Bangladesh was deliberately found. On one hand, they had southeast Asia, and on the other, they had Nepal, Bhutan, India. They might want to turn into an availability center for those two subregions. 

Bangladesh is creating uber ventures like a deep seaport, power plants, select financial zones, rail, and street joins with northeastern India, Nepal, Bhutan, and different pieces of India.  This load of projects is lined up with the vision of 'Shonar Bangla' set by the Sheik Hasina government. 

Bangladesh has likewise had the option to take advantage of its enormous women workforce and has had the option to establish a comprehensive climate guaranteeing to thrive for all. Today, Bangladeshis are incomprehensibly more well off, better a lot instructed contrasted and earlier many years. The education rate has taken off as well. 

Md. Abdur Rahim Khan, Joint Secretary, Minister of Commerce, Bangladesh, the nodal office for Bangladesh's structure at Expo2020 said that Bangladesh was then moving on from LDC status. They needed to keep up with that speed of progress, financial and social turn of events. Bangladesh is a model state for different nations. Through Expo2020, they wished to draw in new freedoms for exchange and business. 

Momen said that they credited their authority for that advancement. They accepted that by mainstreaming women in the advancement cycle, they had accomplished this. Women's cooperation was obvious in their urban workforce, the government workforce, and surprisingly in the rural regions. 

The Bangladesh Pavilion in the Sustainability Zone would praise two significant anniversaries of the nation - the century birth anniversary of Sheik Mujibur Rahman, the father of the country; and the brilliant celebration of the nation's autonomy. 

The pavilion, which is as yet under development, highlights three of its most significant pioneers at the passageway: Prime Minister Sheik Hasina, President Adbul Hamid, and Sheik Mujibur Rahman. Inside, guests will be welcomed by a figure of Mujibur Rahman, and enormous intelligent screens portraying the excursion of Bangladesh and its vision. The structure would likewise have a booth selling a portion of the well-known things from the country. 

Momen is unmistakably dazzled with what Dubai is setting up at Expo 2020. He said that that intrigued him that Dubai had the option to pull off a task of that scale in a particularly amazing way, particularly during the Covid times.

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