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Falcon Island by Al Hamra offers luxury Villas and Townhouse Sale

Ras Al Khaimah


Falcon Island at Ras Al Khaimah by Al Hamra offers super-luxurious 2-bedroom townhouses, 2-4-bedroom semi-detached homes, and 4–7-bedroom villas. It provides a very beautiful waterfront and a variety of stunning views of the Island. It offers world-class infrastructure and well-designed modern villas and townhouses in Ras Al Khaimah.


Al Hamra: Interior and Exterior

Falcon Island by Al Hamra offers a modern lifestyle, with better living methods in Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai. Experience unique development, world-class interior designs and the most luxurious master bedrooms, new styles of fully automatic kitchen rooms, and large balcony living spaces. It is surrounded by many waterfront areas and beautifully landscaped greenery with stunning views.

Explore the most luxurious and modern facilities, including the townhouses and villas. You can enjoy the stunning sunset with a refreshed mind and relax in the Marina for a leisurely lunch in luxurious style. Here, you are provided with all the facilities that help you live a very luxurious life where you can enjoy lunch with your family and friends in front of the water fountain or enjoy the lovely weather.

Features & Amenities

Falcon Island by Al Hamra offers the most luxurious facilities to provide a peaceful, leisurely lifestyle. A gym and tennis court, a walking track, a community centre, beach amenities, and private swimming pools provide world-class amenities in your townhouses and villas and it also provides an International school with a British curriculum and medical facilities and proximity to malls. Here you can enjoy dinner with your family and children, as well as a 24x7 smart camera security system, provide in Falcon Island.


Falcon Island by Al Harma in Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai. The uniquely designed and super premium world-class living life of the Island. Falcon island builds the most beautiful villas and townhouses. It is surrounded by the Arabian oceans with a very beautiful aesthetics and breathtaking view of the island and includes provides many facilities like an Ev charging station, recycling energy and solar energy used for as.


Falcon Island is located in Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai. These townhouses and villas connect the famous places of Dubai and the most luxurious destinations where tourists from all over the world come to visit. You can see the world's tallest and biggest building, or you can visit many places like Dubai Airport, the world’s biggest mall, Dubai Mall, Jebel Jaisi, five-star hotels and the Dubai International Financial Center. Explore more of the world's most beautiful and sustainable cities with stunning skylines and places to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Al Hamra is the developer of the Townhouse and Villas.

A. Al Hamra offers Townhouse and Villas.