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Chorisia 2 Villas at Al Barari Sale

Al Barari


We present the elegant Chorisia 2 by Al Barari, which features a collection of five-bedroom and semi-detached villas in the heart of the Al Barari. Residences in this impressive development enjoy a stylish lifestyle.

The idiosyncratic 60 villa sets of Chorisia 2 by Al Barari offer a green-themed residential project that is justifiable for living. A major draw of these homes is their enthused construction that delights everyone. A covered garage, an open kitchen that can be used in many ways, a powder room, and an office are all provided as well as 5 ensuite bedrooms. This city crowns its longevity and liveliness with spectacular projects.

Al Barari Chorisia 2 Villas: Interior and Exterior

The lush green environment provides a luxurious and sustainable living environment. Both the interior and exterior design of the villa complement the greenery outside. Its green and healthy environment promotes wellness among its residents. Furthermore, the sparkling waterfall is a wonder.

With its modern architectural style, international influences, and signature interior style, the home is a reflection of serenity and simplicity. High-quality finishes highlight a timeless design that allows spacious rooms to flow seamlessly into one another. From your balcony, you can enjoy scenic views. Savour the blooms of native plants during your morning stroll. Explore the gardens and walkways.

Features & Amenities

With a focus on family interaction and development, this is a groundbreaking approach to sustainable living. Several of the most important amenities are just a short drive away. Nearby you will find many amenities for dining, shopping, playing, and working, including:


As part of Al Barari's existing portfolio, Chorisia 2 villas are inspired by one of the most beautiful trees in the world. The collection of 60 exquisite five-bedroom villas presents distinctive green living with inspired architecture and captivating views amid a relaxed and elegant atmosphere.

An unforgettable destination. It's a community where you can live, play, shop, dine, and work. Al Barari, which means 'wilderness' in Arabic, is the region's first fully integrated eco-conscious and luxury development. This green community is in the heart of the city, offering residents and visitors an environment that promotes wellness. It is surrounded by abundant greenery and sparkling waterways, where residents can relax.

Kids’ Playground

Al Barari Community Park

Open-Air Retail Destination

Chorisia 2 masterplan


Designed to complement Al Barari's existing portfolio, these semi-detached villas are intricately designed to mimic the beauty of one of the world's most beautiful trees. Several places that are frequently visited are within easy walking distance. The following can be found within a short distance:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Marina
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Cityland Mall
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Dubai Marina
  • Dubai Media City

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